So, I know it’s a tad late, but here is what we decided to eat for Thanksgiving 2017. It’s definitely different, and defiantly very traditional.

2077 and I were curious to know what were the historically identified foods that the Pilgrims ate that very first Thanksgiving.  So, this is what we were trying to recreate.  It was very tasty and probably a tad healthier than the sweet potato casserole, and commercial turkey.


First up is cabbage and onions, sauted until soft.  I saw this on Colonial Williamsburg.  Although a bit later than 1690 Thanksgiving, probably more historical than green bean casserole.

Dinner rolls….Yeah I know it should have been cornbread, but I was running out time and I had already baked these and frozen them.

This picture below is Sobaheg, and it’s a stew.  You can google the recipe, and modify it to your tastes.  We wanted seafood represented and deiced to use cod as the meat in this stew.  It tasted great and in itself was really filling!!

Homemade cranberry sauce.  Super easy, follow the recipe on the cranberry package and honestly it tastes FAR superior to anything canned!!

Butternut squash and wild rice.  This is a modified version of my Hidatsa Pumpkin recipe

Venison roast covered in bacon.  Yes, we covered it in bacon because venison is so lean, you really need to put some fat in the meat.

Smoked duck.  I cannot tell you how LOVE smoked/roasted duck!  We use a Big Green Egg for this and it comes out DIVINE!  We use a drip pan so most of the fat cooks off, which makes a huge difference in duck being more appetizing.

Duck mixed with a little cranberry sauce just!

For dessert we had Hickory Nut pie.  Same recipe as Pecan Pie, I just replaced the type of nut.

We have hickory trees growing here, so as an experiment we collected up the nuts.  Did a soak test and all the floaters got discarded.  Let them dry for about a month, then I cracked them open and picked out the nut meat.  This was A LOT of work!!  Probably around 8 hours to get 1 1/2 cups of nut meat.  Next year I won’t be doing this part again.  In case you were wondering, it was very tasty!