So today is January 4, 2018 and it’s snowing here in East Tennessee. Starting to get those nice big goose-down-feather sized snow flakes.

Not really complaining, it is so pretty and peaceful. I fell bad for the Northeast, they are getting clobbered by Grayson…or whatever the name of the storm is. Miserable, but to a large extent they can handle it. They have the infrastructure: snow plows, salt and/or sand trucks, and hopefully people with common sense, but we are taking about the Northeast. (I still do love you & wish the NE would go back to it’s founding Constitutionalist ways!!)

Here in Tennessee, also known as The-State-That-Doesn’t-Belive-In-Good-Roads, the state will probably shut down. Tennesseans don’t have common sense or ability when it comes to driving in this kind of weather, so the big game plan is: Stay home.

Except for me, I have to go out for an appointment. That is unless they cancel on me, which may happen. Then the plan is: Stay home!

Here’s what the conditions look like and a picture from yesterday when it was a BEAUTIFUL bright sunny day!

Not much accumulation at all, but it’s 17 degrees and can pile up quick!

This, however, is the tricky area. I wrote about he Icy Cliffs of Death earlier this year. Well here it is.

This is a narrow passage between some bleed rocks (rocks that drip water). With these cold temperatures, the ice builds and builds. The road was in need to repair before because it was ‘high centering’. That high center has kept most of the water on the inside, which is pretty good. Our Jeep can offset a bit and have two tires on the ice edge and the other two on dirt. As of now, it’s still passable. We may need to salt it some or just basically be stuck back here.

The inability to travel is a very common theme here, as well as other parts of the rural country. It would be wonderful if our tax money came back home to help out our road issues instead of being perpetually funneled to the cities because it does the ‘most good’.

Just the realities of living rurally in a fly over state.