The ‘Icy Cliffs of Death’ are living up the their name. At least the icy part.

Week of December 30 – January 7 was a bitter cold week. It never got above freezing here, for that length of time, is unusual.

Progression of the ice developing between the rock cliffs



If anyone has an brilliant ideas on what to do with this issues, please brainstorm here!!

In a previous post earlier this year, I blogged about how this area is getting washed out in the shape of a ‘W’.  To a large extent that rut helped contain the water to the inside curve, which allowed my Jeep to off set slightly and made this still passable.

With that last photo, the top portion of the road is covered by 80% ice.  The only way out was to be in 4 Low and have front and rear lockers engaged.  A day or two much longer the road would be fully iced over and basically impassable.  If this area was on a flat grade, the Jeep would still get though, but since it’s like an 8% grade, it would be just too slick.

For the mean time we are enjoying a brief warm up and then it gets cold again for four to five days.  It is winter, after all!