In our down time over the holidays, 2077 and I were able to finish watching AMC’s TURN via Netflix. 2077 and I are both big American History buffs, or at least we think we are.  We love to hear the stories, read the books, and do some research on our Fore Fathers and Mothers.  We started watching this before we moved to Tennessee, and fell in love with it!!

That is a strong statement from me, since I am lothe to watch regular TV or cable. We only have internet here because I felt so strongly about NOT supporting the cable propaganda that is everywhere on TV.

We had never really heard of Washington’s Spies, even though I was born smack in the region where all this spying had taken place! Part of the reason it’s not as well known is because, well…they were spies.  You know secret squirrel stuff!


Due to it being secretive there wasn’t a lot of surviving written information.  This tends to lend itself to some ‘creative’ works in the film industry.  When you see a film ‘based on….’, often times you will only see a former shadow of what it was based upon, that can lead to a lot of misconceptions. Although no one really knows what these spies did, it does seem that AMC did a great job of weaving a damn fine story into what historical facts there are.

If the very last episode doesn’t make you cry Red, White, and Blue, and your heart swell with pride, then you are not an American!

Seriously though, if you haven’t watched it, you should do it in 2018!  It’s four seasons with a total of 30 hours of watch time – you could do that in a long weekend!