After all that lovely heave that makes air pockets in the soil, once the ground warms up, you get mud.

East Tennessee clay mud that is as slick as ice. Oh yeah, fun times.

When the road that is a muddy mess, and you HAVE to drive in 4×4, then expectations go out the window! Ya know….it’s kinda freeing!

You just drive and screw the consequences! Until it dries up a bit, then I start to wonder how to fix the road again.

For the record, the road is even worse just two days after I recorded this.

Apparently my road department won’t help & my neighbors think it’s the road department’s sole responsibility and call to complain but that just frustrates the road department. All of the really bad areas is by their house. Sad to say, but this is the reason why Home Owners Associations have become popular – they force each property owner to pay up their portion. Here, no one helps and no one pays. Welcome to country living!