Been kinda busy in a slow way….if that makes any sense.

2077, Badger Boy, and I have been busy taking care of stuff around the home place, but not driving ourselves crazy.

We had a bout of really cold weather in January, and even still on February, but more seasonal. As, of late, rain, and A LOT of it! So far, seven inches for February and more in the forecast. Temperatures have been basically spring-like. Time to get into the woods!

This is just a small section of the woods up hill to us. Over the course of construction, and time the wood floor has become quite littered with dead and damaged branches and trees. I’m just trying to clean it up a bit.

Here is a small area we have cleaned up. That large tree on the forest floor is pine that came down around 20 years ago, when we had a severe pine bark beetle break out. Eventually I will take a sledge hammer or maul to tap/hit away the loose wood. It’s basically mulch at this point, but still holding it’s shape. My Dunstan Chestnut tree we planted last year. It has nice new growth and buds waiting to pop open!

This is a trail that we are reclaiming from a logging road. We plan on taking the larger tree trunks and lining the trail. The trail itself will be covered in mulch.

Here is just one pile of branches that will need to be chipped up. We may not be able to have a thick layer of mulch, but it will be nice to have it, plus the woods looking more civilized.