Well, we have been getting hammered with rain. Seven inches in two weeks and more coming.

Our flooding woes in the garage seem to possibly be over. With the hand grading work 2077 has done, plus adding the playground sand under the ‘scary hole’ under the shower enclosure, our garage has not had any water intrusion. Yay!

Not so much for the basement.

All total, it was probably 15 gallons of water, which isn’t horrible. Christmas Day 2015, when our garage flooded, it was hundreds of gallons we shop vacuumed out of the scary hole.

We may be a touch sensitive about any water intrusion. 2077 has been doing his skull dugery to figure out a solution.

New grading is what 2077 has been working it. It was done totally wrong before. Since this area has water and electric lines, it’s all hand work.

I believe we are on our way, but will take some time. Like everything out here!