We’ve been working on clearing a spot for the bee hive. It took me a bit to finally decide where to put it, but we think we have a good location.

It’s on the hill above the house. There is still a lot of larger dead trees and stumps there, but we are cleaning that and will burn it. We will burn what we can and the rest will be drug off. Burning it, we hope will help ‘sanitize’ the area of any mites or pests that could come after the bees. I will also put down a good dusting of diatomaceous earth.

We chose this area because it is the sunniest spot and sun helps keep hive beetles down as well as the bees need help keeping warm, especially during the winter. This direction is South, preferred direction for bee hive entrance, and there is a decent breeze there.

I will also place a sensor alarm on an adjacent tree to help me monitor any predatory movement around the hive. I’m hoping the bees themselves won’t set off the alarm. I’m just looking for early warning to let me know if a bear or other predator may be trying to get in. If there is predatory movement, then I’ll probably have to invest in an electric fence.

I’ve ordered my NUC of Italian Honey Bees from Arnold Honeybee Services in Knoxville. They should be ready in about two weeks!