Whooee! It’s it’s been a while since I posted!! This is the busy time of year. Days are longer and outside work is abundant, therefore the decrease in postings.

I finished my five foot long handspun knitted scarf. I had knitted it last year, but it came out wrong. So, I frogged it and started again. This time it came out along the lines of what I wanted. I had no pattern, just used a nifty stitch gauge from Ackerworks to help me figure how wide I wanted it. The stitch per inch gauge helps me to figure out how many stitches to cast on my needles.

This was after I frogged it and wound it back into a ball. 10.7 ounces.

It’s Blueface Leicester (BFL) and bits of recycled Sari silk. Nice and wide, warm, and had good stretch as well as drape.

This is me wearing it, wrapped around one time. No gaps and plenty of extra tail.

Here I’m wearing it as a wrap, so it will definitely have some versatility.

Let hear it for handcrafted items!!