One of the reasons we named this place BlackBerry Patch Homeplace, is because of the ABUNDANT blackberries!

When you have blackberries, you have bears! One showed up just the other day….sigh.

This IS bear country and dealing with them is just one more adjustment we have to make.

I thank Jesus that 2077 just so happened to look out the window to see him. If not, he’d have been up on our porch is less that 15 seconds.

I had been cooking outside; using a portable convection oven. The chicken was cooking about 45 minutes to one hour, so it was just getting nice and yummy smelling.

The blackberries were at peak, almost a bit past, so the bears were doing the woodsy thing, then came the smell of roasting chicken. Too much for any ole bear to pass up.

Lesson learned, no outside cooking during peak blackberry season!

Side note about the picture: Since we have been dealing more frequently with bear incursions, when 2077 said “Bear!”, I snapped a picture, and he got the gun. You CANNOT let bears go unchallenged this close to the home! We did not plan on hurting it, but needed to chase him off, as well as have the ability to defend ourselves if the bear charged.