Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Summer slow down

We have still been plugging away at doing chores, but gawd it has been hot! Funny because I always thought how hot it was in Florida.  The ocean keeps the temperatures in check.  It almost never hit 100 least... Continue Reading →

Garage update

2077 has been steady working on the garage. Mainly packing in sand under the shower stall (1950's construction, by the way.  Best to ask and AVOID this), and doing drywall. Drywall is a slow and tedious job, but it will... Continue Reading →

Blackberry Jam

Sticky chaos is happening in my kitchen. I'm not the best canner and jellies & jams have always been my weak point since I never KNOW when I've hit the gelling point. I've already burned the hell out of my... Continue Reading →

Blackberry seson is here! 

Yummy goodness if you can brave the thorns and bugs! This is my collection basket; a bark basket with a quart mason style jar in it, a bear bell, and pruners (not pictured).  We have been collecting about a quart... Continue Reading →

Happy Independence Day America! 

America sure isn't perfect, but She is the best thing going. We love you! May God guide us, grant us wisdom, and protect us. 

Animal tracks

Since the days are longer, we have been taking a little bit longer walks in the evening. We came upon this dry dirt area and found some turkey tracks. In the foreground are BABIES tracks, and the mom is the... Continue Reading →

Fiber goodness

Here is my fiber progress so far.  I'm approximately half way finished with the processing.  The batts are to the front and right, which is a woolen prep.  In the basket are nests, which are fibers that have been combed... Continue Reading →

Hoe cakes

As in the garden implement....not a woman of questionable character. 🤔 The story goes, these used to be cooked on an old worn out hoe, crook of the neck straighten out to be a flat surface when  held horizontally over an... Continue Reading →

University Of Tennessee campus

A week or so ago I had to attend a workshop to earn CEUs for my profession, and it was held on the campus of the University of Tennessee!  This is the first time I had been on campus and... Continue Reading →

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