Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee


Well, we have been getting hammered with rain. Seven inches in two weeks and more coming. Our flooding woes in the garage seem to possibly be over. With the hand grading work 2077 has done, plus adding the playground sand... Continue Reading →

Woods Work

Been kinda busy in a slow way....if that makes any sense. 2077, Badger Boy, and I have been busy taking care of stuff around the home place, but not driving ourselves crazy. We had a bout of really cold weather... Continue Reading →

Food Plot Update

Even though the food plot didn't grow very tall, it seemed to bring in deer and give them some nice green to munch on. Now, they have eaten it down to the dirt. Suppose next year we will enlarge this... Continue Reading →

Jeep Mudding and Freedom!

After all that lovely heave that makes air pockets in the soil, once the ground warms up, you get mud. East Tennessee clay mud that is as slick as ice. Oh yeah, fun times. When the road that is a... Continue Reading →

Ground Heave

This is something we NEVER see in Florida and I really only had the vaguest understating about the frost line.  Never had I heard of heave.  Well, for all of you warm weather people, here it is.  It's basically a... Continue Reading →

AMC’S Turn

In our down time over the holidays, 2077 and I were able to finish watching AMC's TURN via Netflix. 2077 and I are both big American History buffs, or at least we think we are.  We love to hear the... Continue Reading →

Icy Roads In Tennessee

The 'Icy Cliffs of Death' are living up the their name. At least the icy part. Week of December 30 - January 7 was a bitter cold week. It never got above freezing here, for that length of time, is... Continue Reading →

Weather Check: January 2018 Winter Storm

So today is January 4, 2018 and it's snowing here in East Tennessee. Starting to get those nice big goose-down-feather sized snow flakes. Not really complaining, it is so pretty and peaceful. I fell bad for the Northeast, they are... Continue Reading →

Big Chill For New Years 2018

No denying it's winter! It's already been cold and it's fixin' to get colder and STAY colder for five to seven days. That is unusual for Tennessee. Most of the time a good cold snap like this will last one... Continue Reading →

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