Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Deck railings

We are in the home stretch of finishing all of the construction that started over two years ago.  When we moved here, we started off having to build a 'lower deck' and was going to be the support for the... Continue Reading →

Canning With An All American canner

I wanted to put out a video using an All American canner since it is a little different than using a Presto canner. I explain it in the video, but sorry, I'm not the best camera person in the world... Continue Reading →

Chimney sweep

We called out local chimney sweep, or chimney pro, to clean and inspect our wood stove pipes.  All was good, just a pretty good layer of ashy type soot. About five inches thick in the bottom of the firebox. Our... Continue Reading →

Hurricane One, Hurricane Two, Hurricane Three, Four and Maybe Five!?!

First Hurricane Harvey, now Irma, on the heels of that Jose, and another one out in the Atlantic that I don't think has been named yet, and a Tropical Storm in the Gulf. My Florida peeps are staring down monster... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey Remnants

Thank God Hurricane Harvey has decided to move away from Texas.  The amount of flooding and human suffering in the Gulf is enormous. Here in the Plateau, we are just getting spotty rain bands.  This is the kind of weather... Continue Reading →

Soil envy

We visited friends over in Haywood Co., NC this past week.  It was great to catch up and see everyone.  While walking Badger Boy, I came across a hole that had been dug. It was beautiful: black loamy perfect soil for... Continue Reading →

More gravel

After some soggy weather, we felt the ground was dry enough to order up some more gravel. The dump truck holds roughly 16 tons of gravel, plus whatever the truck itself weighs. We needed the road to be good and... Continue Reading →

Appalachian Baskets 

Over the weekend I was able to do something I've wanted to do for a while: weave a basket!  Up in Kentucky, there is a great lady who teaches basket weaving. Lovley woman, workshop, and farm.  She guided me though... Continue Reading →

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