Blackberry Patch Homestead

Our Homeplace in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of East Tennessee

Oyster mushrooms

Badger Boy had been eyeing the hill above the garden.  That's where we have our mushroom log cultures.  The Oyster Mushrooms are coming out!  Sweet!     Badger Boy must have been noticing some squirrels that are frequenting the area.... Continue Reading →

Progression of Fall Colors

Thought a few fall foliage color picture might be nice. This shows some of the color change to date. Early October Mid-October Late October November 3rd

Tennessee Black Bears

Four days after the hunting season for Black Bear ended, one sauntered down our driveway.  Never saw the ninja-of-the woods, but he/she left some nice tracks.  Came down the hill and disturbed some of the bank.  Then stepped in some... Continue Reading →

Fall doin’s: Chestnut Trees!

We needed to get moving on those Chestnut Trees. We spent the better part of a day planting four trees and broadcasting more grass seed It’s incredibly unimpressive, but there one is.  Here’s another. We found a few places on... Continue Reading →

Sunflower Crop and Herb Drying Hoop

I decided to cut off the sunflower heads today since it’s supposed to be rainy this week.  To allow them to dry even further I put them on a herb drying hoop. I got this little gem off of Amazon... Continue Reading →

New Fiber Endeavor

So I’m starting a new fiber endeavor with a local fiber business, here in East Tennessee! I will only be spinning some singles for the business and they will ply them. For each skein produced I will payed for that.... Continue Reading →

Tennessee 2017 Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease

We knew we had dead deer close by.  The smell sometimes was overwhelming, but today we found the evidence of at least one poor deer. This all started about six weeks ago when the smell of death was strong coming... Continue Reading →

Lehman’s order

There are so many GREAT items that Leahman's non-electric catalog carries!  Over the years we have acquired quite a few items! They are SO well made and utilize 'old' technology, yet make my 21st century life much easier!!   Here... Continue Reading →

Catching up

Been off line for a while due to visitors. Life is getting back to normal. I’m just about caught up on housework and 2077 has resumed his regularly scheduled hunting.  Here a few pictures of what we’ve been up to.

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