I have a love/hate relationship with ‘stuff’….cannot stand things that don’t serve a purpose and even better if one product does multiple things.  I wanted to list a few things that have been very helpful out here in the backwoods. *List is reguarly updated & revised*


  1. Log splitter
  2. Pick ax/maddock
  3. Dura Grader
  4. Yamaha Grizzly ATV
  5. Stihl chainsaw
  6. Loppers
  7. Coal Keeper from Lehman’s



Food Processing

  1. All American Canner
  2. Cabella’s Carnivore Meat Grinder
  3. Herb & fiber drying rack
  4. Electrolux mixer (now renamed Anskarum)
  5. Nutramill food grinder (for wheat, corn, spelt to make flour)


Fiber Processing and Spinning

  1. Kromski spinning wheels            Kromsk
  2. Drum Carder                                  Fancy-Kitty